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RSL, even if you continue to get pudgy, you're still my favourite on-screen middle-aged man evarrr ♥

Happy Year of Buta

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You is such a good song. It could be the fact I have 3 different versions on my mp3, it just doesn't stop playing.

Muse cover (for some reason, I like this one slightly more than the others. Something very sexy about Matthew Bellamy's slightly hoarse vocal XD. All the other covers I've heard have been done by females, a male vocal version makes the song entirely different)

Tommy February6 cover (Really cute! I've uploaded this before. It reminds me of music from one of those 70s Anime series)

Shiina Ringo cover (please ignore how it says "Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi Shiteru" for the title, that's actually the name for a different song. I don't know why somebody put it there. Shiina Ringo's voice can take a while to get used to for some people, at first it might sound like a dead cat screeching, but after about the 5th time you listen to her, you suddenly think "heyyy actually this isn't that bad". I'm sure there's a hole in that logic somewhere)

new year "resolution" for 2007:
1. get rich
2. don't screw it up


Blockbuster is a commercial whore. All they have is box-office hitters (which sometimes can be great movies) and craptastic teen comedies. Practically no room for indie and older movies.
It's funny how I go to so many different places, Rogers, Blockbuster, Futureshop, Jumbo, Sunrise, HMV, Walmart's discount section, several convinience stores' rental sections, and none of these places had any of the movies I was looking for. What adds even more bitter to the already-jar-of-bitter that is me, is that they all have the same damn movies that I'm not looking for.
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Two You Four You

I just listened to Two You Four You (by my Johnny's OTP)
It's a very.....omoshiroi album.


Two You Four You - such a stupid title. I'm sorry, I have to be honest. "Hatachi" was so cute, "To be to be ten made to be" was cheesy but still made sense. What kind of title is "Two you four You"?! I want to punch whoever came up with it x_x

The song is ok. The background music sounds like a slow-remix of their bgm for the song "Aishitagaru". Overall pretty typical of T&T's style.

2. Venus

3. HO!SAMA- (album version)

4. Natsu no Kaze

5. Black Butterfly
I suppose part of this was in English (not that I understood anything) but, the beat sounds incredibly Latin, could've been Latin. Doesn't matter. If it's by T&T, it's impossible to make out what they're singing even if that's your mother language.

6. Slave of Love
Tsubasa solo. HOHOHO. THIS IS A FANDOM TREASURE. *suddenly reminded of all those fanfics where Tsubasa is a sex slave*, mere coincidence? I think not~~~~~
the song is ... slutty (lots of low moans in the background here and there). I assume the dance would be equally slutty if not more so, which is something to look forward to seeing ;D ;D
Kashif says it reminds him of Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave for You" except it's Tsubasa.

7. Mermaid

8. Kamen

9. Rainy Memories
Tsubasa solo again. It's catchy. I think people can't hear him often enough since he's always overpowered by Takki's voice in their duets. His voice is not very strong or distinguishable but, it's nice and soothing : )

10. 12 Gatsu no Hana
Takki solo. Even though I LOVE Takki, I can't bring myself to praise his singing abilities. Strangely though, I like hearing it ... *masochistic*?

11. Aiso Kyoku
The perfect song to play for your girlfriend on Vday.

the title of this is like... a sarcastic way of telling ppl not to listen to T&T xD (j/k j/k) It's cute and cheerful. Not my type though.

13. Sayonara no Mukou

14. Venus (eurobeat remix)
OMG. yet another version. It seems people can't get enough of Venus. Having versions in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Thai was not enough, they decided to make yet another version. This remix is fairly decent but, I think I've had enough of this song -_-

15. Yume Monogatari (Christmas Version)
my favourite T&T song ever :D

Download the album here (YSI)

meme and...

artist meme : >

1. What kind of Comic/Anime doujinshi do you want to make?
- not a comic/anime but, NOBUTA WO PRODUCE doujin
- Naruto (Shikamaru-centred. no pairings)

2. What kind of Novel doujinshi do you want to make?
- To Kill a Mocking Bird Atticus x Boo Radley
- Hamlet (it's a play but I've always wanted to make one ever since grade 12. Hamlet x Horatio / Laertes x Hamlet fan. *oh so bricked*)

3. What kind of Original doujinshi do want to make?
- a BASKETBALL doujinshi. actually I just really really want to make an animation sequence (like an opening PV), where most part of it would be black and cream-coloured with slight film grains. An AKFG song as bgm. To make this is my dream.
- highschool doujinshi, I love highschool boys

4. What kind of Game doujinshi do you want to make?
- Tetris.

5. What other kind of doujinshis then?
- 展昭x白玉堂 doujin. rated R. and call it 御貓"三戲"錦毛鼠. OMFG I am so going to hell
- JE doujinshi HAHAHA. There's too many good fandom jokes.

6. Fire other people who has to do this
└ everyone xP

a bit of RL:

ok so, I was enjoying my evening today, chatting on msn while reading psych chapter on childhood disorders, until SOMEONE sent me THIS.

My evening was ruined X_X.

Christmas Card post was editted with your questions answered!

I see the 2006 wave has finally hit Shirota Yuu

Thank you zodiku who sent me this link:


Shirota, I love you but. WTF are you doingggg! fdjlafjlkdsafdsjlfdsk

... no wonder why Yamapi said in his jweb "U-kun Image-change? I didn't see him for a long time and I couldn't recognize him!"
(^it's ok you're not the only one =_=.)

God please let this whatever drama he's doing be a short one D:

(I still love you Shirota, even with your hair exploded xD)


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I don't think the old DBZ american dubs are bad. x.x in fact it's pretty special to me;;;. 'cause even though I watched it so long ago, I've actually never been that crazy for any other series.

So I prefer the dubbed DBZ over original Japanese version. I liked the fact Goku's voice was done by a guy not a woman.

I'm suddenly talking about DBZ 'cause of that 9000 clip thing XD

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I should stop staring at people's crotches when they dance. Even if it's covered by red shiny pants and bulging outward oh-so-subtly from the rest of the body D:

Current songs of obsession:

下弦之月 (Kagen no Tsuki) - Domoto Koichi
I didn't like Koichi for a while because I thought Tsubasa was growing mustache under his influences. After seeing his performance, I can't deny Koichi is an awesome performer. When he smiled it somehow reminded me of my grandpa so that left a really good impression ^.^

Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boyz
J-rap. I love the background music!!! Not a fan of those girls' singing though...
but, I'm still addicted to this song : )

D-tecnolife (RKD remix) - UVERworld
I love this remix!! I like bit better than the original.

Aoi Teshima - Teru no Uta
I got this song from sakura_sake <3.
There is something special about her voice, it's somehow really fantasy-like and unworldly. I don't know if I used the right word there xD *limited vocabulary*
This girl does music for studio Ghibli.