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You can be nice, but the truth is that sometimes people are just bitches, they'll always somehow manage to find reasons to shit on you.

I guess my point is, don't do something nice for the sake of other people's approval.

F-list clean-up

I've re-organized my F-list and made some cut. Please don't feel offended if I removed you, if you wish you could comment here to just remind me who you are again and I'll re-add you! You're welcome to remove me too if you'd like, I won't take any offence.

some sketchies

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it's so nice that it's the holidays! I love waking up late everyday and watching Ugly Betty on my laptop. I am going to miss doing this so bad when I go back to school in january>.<
I want to finish up the seven sins (and colour them of course) before school starts. I'm not too sure what type of boy/picture I'd want to do for Wrath and Pride? Suggestions please : 3?

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I have this friend, he doesn't want to take any initiatives in contacting others. Like if he misses his bestfriend, he wouldn't just email him or call him, but instead wait for his friend to contact him and gets all moody if he doesn't. I really don't understand what's the deal with these boys, I mean, would it really hurt your ego to just call your friend up once in a while? Friendship is based on reciprication, there's no point sitting there passively and hoping it will develop... I really want to say this to him.
And also what's up with people labelling themselves "anti-social" these days like it's a good thing? Not having socialization is sad. People will go insane if they don't communicate with others, even baby monkeys need other monkeys to stay healthy.

barba papa

a conversation with Cindy and Hechu brought up memory of a fantastic cartoon that we used to watch when we were little kids.
It's called 巴巴爸爸 in Chinese, in English it's Barba Papa, which I just found out today by going on youtube xD


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I am so incredibly angry at the retard who put white paint on the public telephone handle!!!
I hope your cookie tastes like a rock.

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I got in contact with my elementary school friends in China! Whoever created "xiaonei.net", I seriously want to MARRY you!
AHHH <333333